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When I was growing up

When I was growing up overseas, American TV often depicted images of what America was like back in the day. I had a mental image of what I thought America was going to be like, but alas, when I finally made it over here, it was of a different era. Tustin Community Pharmacy is one of those places which epitomizes my mental image of businesses in America. It looks like any small business you would find in a little town in Anywhere, USA, where people know one another and where that cozy hometown feel always makes you welcome. This pharmacy also has a post office inside. The location is very small and if there were 20 people standing inside, you would find it way too crowded. Still, it’s the warmness of the people and the genuine feel of this place which draws ’em in. This is no CVS or Walgreens. This is one of those places which one longs for but are few and far between in this day and age.

Anita L.