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I have gone to Tustin

I have gone to Tustin Community Pharmacy for at least 10 years and all I can say is this place is how I picture the old town stores. When you walk in they say hello, after a while they learn your name and are usually very helpful. Whenever I go in, whether to get a…

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When I was growing up

When I was growing up overseas, American TV often depicted images of what America was like back in the day. I had a mental image of what I thought America was going to be like, but alas, when I finally made it over here, it was of a different era. Tustin Community Pharmacy is one…

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Six months plus of commuting

Six months plus of commuting from Los Angeles and Inland Empire to get to this pharmacy, my previous review still stands. I have became even closer with the community. (Steven, Jerry, and I feel horrible but there’s another female employee which I can’t remember the name of) The staff at this pharmacy seem to enjoy…

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